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Investing in people with ambition and a passion for promoting our vision for space-based technologies.

StarSpec is committed to the vision of building an at-scale, versatile, and sustainable space economy in order to provide effective solutions to the big problems right here on Earth. We value individuals who share this vision and endeavor to pursue space-based technologies and data as both suitable and critical tools for fostering the rapid growth in space necessary to achieve this vision.


StarSpec asserts that nothing exists in a vacuum. In the same way that we dedicate ourselves to truly collaborative work relationships with our customers, we endeavor to promote integrated collaboration among our employees in every aspect. We believe that this is not only a core value that promotes effective and well-focused solutions, but is a concept that is essential space-based scalability and growth.


Working with technology developers, research leaders, and industry innovators at NASA, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), and top research institutions across North America provides opportunities to collaborate and work with the leading edge in space-based technologies and data utilization. StarSpec's expertise in concept-to-launch allows for career development opportunities at every stage from design, manufacturing, and AI&T to commissioning, launch, and operations.


StarSpec Technologies
StarSpec Technologies
Space Innovation Hub

StarSpec Technologies is based in Cambridge, Canada, one of the foremost technological hubs within the Toronto-region and across Canada. Our location promotes close proximity to the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Guelph, the Perimeter Institute, the University of Toronto, and a number of exceptional technical institutes as well as access to leading-edge technology manufacturing and distributors right at StarSpec’s doorstep. It is from this base that StarSpec continues to collaborate with space-based institutions, agencies, and industries across North America and around the world.

Integrated Facilities

StarSpec's main build site is Canada's first fully commercial suborbital and space-based assembly, manufacturing, and testing facility. Located in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, this facility serves as a primary base for integration and real-time operations of StarSpec's large NASA-contracted suborbital payloads, as well as technology development and manufacturing of space-based imaging hardware for LEO SmallSats. This facility is home to StarSpec's InspireSat product manufacturing line, which supplies fast and at-scale access to critical components used for high-resolution Earth-imaging satellites in support of emerging critical infrastructure, surveillance, and climate monitoring applications.