Jason Brown
Mechanical & Technical Lead
Jason Brown, P.Eng.

Jason Brown, P.Eng. is a highly motivated and experienced engineer committed to developing cutting-edge technology solutions for the New Space sector. With a strong background in mechanical engineering and extensive expertise in multiple industries including aerospace, mining, plasma technology, automotive, agri-food, industrial automation, and bio-medical, Jason has a proven track record of generating inventive designs that have led to multiple patents.

Jason graduated with distinction from Concordia University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and was a finalist in the Dobson $EED entrepreneurship competition. His deep understanding of design for manufacturing and fabrication techniques drives innovative and cost-effective solutions that benefit both StarSpec Technologies and its customers. As a valuable member of the StarSpec Technologies team, Jason responsibilities include evaluating Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) candidates for StarSpec applications, identifying candidate technologies, and exploring in-house innovation that can reduce cost, mass, and volume while providing increased functionality. Jason's exceptional collaboration and leadership skills, honed through his background in high-level team sports and experience managing and supervising engineers, technicians, and machine-builders, makes him well-suited to drive evolutionary and revolutionary design at StarSpec Technologies.