Chief Executive Officer
Javier Romualdez, PhD.

Dr. Javier Romuladez is CEO and founding member of StarSpec Technologies. Working closely with a strong core technical and business development team, Javier is dedicated to leading effective outreach and critical financing in order to continue building StarSpec’s core network while laying the foundation for accelerated and strategic growth in the space sector. As one of StarSpec’s key leaders, Javier has grown key client relationships—at NASA, JPL, CSA, and lead institutions across Canada and the US—and strives to make StarSpec both a valuable collaborator as well as a strong contender in the growing new space industry.

Javier’s technical background in Aerospace Science and Engineering is well positioned for his leading role at StarSpec. In addition to an in-depth, end-to-end, and fundamental understanding of engineering for state-of-the-art space-based technologies, Javier’s tenacity for systems-level management and effective integration with highly technical entities—in particular NASA and CSA—makes him both a well suited project manager and company representative for multi-institutional space-based projects.

Javier has utilized his expertise to lead development and successful deployment of space-based hardware around the world, including extended technology campaigns from Antarctica. With skills in component-level design and systems-level integration of hardware and software for space-based applications, including autonomous Mars exploration rovers, formation-flying satellites, and high precision orbital GPS, Javier is adding value through the strategic tops-down transitioning of StarSpec’s core technologies from integrated solutions to product-level components.