Satellite Development Intern
Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr is a fourth year student at Western University, studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. At StarSpec, she is working on the InspireSAT and EXCITE projects. She chose to this dual degree as it provides a broad range of in depth experience, specifically for the field of Space Systems Engineering and with assembly, integration, and testing (AIT).

At Western, Jess is Chief Engineer and Captain of the Western Engineering Rocketry Team, where she has gained experience in design, manufacturing, and testing of a high powered rocket. She has experience in CAD design, composite manufacturing, and machining.

Last summer, Jess worked at Honeywell Space in Kanata, ON, where she was exposed to optical systems and other aspects of space design. This included shock loading, ESD hardware, TVAC testing, vibration testing, and processing telemetry for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).  

These experiences have given Jess the skills she needs to make a lasting impact at StarSpec this summer.